Monday, April 11

To dye my hair or not to dye my hair?

{ Outfit: sweater - nordstrom rack, button up - thrift store, jeans and boots - forever 21 }

I really want to dye my hair. I want a change! My hair's been the same my whole life. I figured since i never did anything to it why not. I really want an ombre effect. No one at my school has it and i'll be the first ... at my school of course haha. But it's probably going to cost a bunch. But i still really want it. I also want to pierce my ears will i'll be doing very soon. Also i'll be cutting my hair back to the bangs that i had earlier. I hope it turns out well.


  1. Cute pants and those are some nice flowers. I might need some hair change also soon. You should try the ombre why not!?

  2. ♥I see you re very talanted.) Your blog is amazing♥


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