Thursday, May 5

Seeing Underwater

{ Outfit: Denim Shirt - Target, Feather Skirt - Forever 21, Flip Flops - Old Navy }
 This is probably the best picture i took of myself for this outfit but look how akwardly my foot looks! :P

 This picture kind of makes me look chubby. A no no

My Flower Lookbook

 From an ants point of view or maybe a rabbit

I feel so bad for not posting in such a long time. I came back from vacation and the internet there wasn't that great, but i'm just glad i had a fun time there. So here are a ton of photos to look at that i took today. I also remember my promise about the fashion show that i went to and i'm still getting those pictures together. It's also been so hot where i live it's like i'm still in vacation, besides school that gets in the dang way of me enjoying the weather. But the plus side of being at school is that i started the swimming unit for pe. It's soooooo fun. Hopefully nothing embarrasssing happens though. But we all need a little embarrassment so they'll become stories we can tell.


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