Thursday, March 22

Tye Dye My Life

 { Outfit: sweater and button up - thrifted, shirt i hand dyed from h&m, jeans - forever 21, and moccassins - disneyland }


Tye Dye psychedelic - ness

I really like to dye different clothes of mine. In my closet I currently have nothing plain. It would be impossible for someone to find a plain black or white t shirt. I want to dye more clothes! Send me your clothes if you want them to be dyed!!! Haha jk And i well my mom, i have to give credit to her, found this really cool sweater for me at a thrift store on haight st.

Who else thinks nicki minaj's eyes look scary???
But I do love her music.

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  1. perfect knit! and yes its scary nicki's eyes :)


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