Friday, July 6

I am Awkward (yes like the tv show sorta)

 French Dp from the famous Phillipe in LA
 Biting Pic... Awkward

 Really expensive square piece of cracker cake thing
 Cute circular cake, but so tiny
 Best pic I took inside the popular Louie

 So crowded

Just got back from LA yesterday. Too used to the hotel life, someone making your bed, actually having cabel, doing exciting things during the day and then coming back to the comfort of your hotel. We also went to this awesome and super popular place called Louie. And guess who I saw but was obviously too scared to say hi to.... it was Chris from Christeric! She is like my most favorite blogger and I was just too starstruck to say hi and intimidated too. So yeah and the title of this blog post will lead to my next because I'm already writing too much.

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