Wednesday, February 13


I recently finished watching the HBO show named Girls and it is absolutely my new favorite show. I tried to keep my hopes done because before I watched it I was watching the Golden Globes and it won soooo many awards. I think I relate most to Marnie. I don't want to relate to her the most but I see so many similarities. We both are tall and regular weight, a sense of style, and takes everything a bit too seriously and just needs to let loose. Well she does and ends up making out with the buy from SNL. But anyways I'd rather be Jessa because she's so free spirited and I love her sense of style and I am still on the look out for those shoes she wears in the first episode. More good rants will be said about the show. If I could only meet the creator Lena Dunham and thank her for all the realistic life stories she's not afraid to portray on TV.
Those are the shoes! (the ones on jessa with the lace up)

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