Tuesday, May 29

Oops... Forgot About France Pt. 3

 You should have seen this guy. He was doing all sorts of crazy tricks.
 That guy in the left corner was our tour guide.
 In the artist district.
 Cool French graffiti
 We passed Van Goghs apartment where he lived for a while.
 I wish I could have tried this seafood!
 This was supposedly in a scene in the movie Amelie??? I still need to watch the movie.
 Parisian style
 Moulin Rouge!!! I'm still a bit confused on the significance of it.
 Me on the last day.
 Into someone's garden.
 Beautiful flower
 Cool giant man coming out of the wall.
 Restaurant... i think
 More graffiti...
 Yummy banana and nutella crepe. They do not skimp on the banana and nutella
 Cute little restaurant
Typical French poster that you'd expect to see haha

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