Sunday, April 24


 { Outfit: dress  - forever 21 }
{ Random picture of my doggie }

Happy Easter everyone! Sorry i don't have the pictures that i was mentioning yesterday. But in the time being, here's a picture of my outfit i'm wearing today. It's nice here in hawaii i'm just so focused on surfing. I'm not that good at it but i want to keep trying my hardest so i'll get better and ride bigger waves. I am also so happy for my followers i have 10 now! i feel like a dork for saying how happy i am, but i really am. :D


Sorry no picture today. BUT... today was awesome. Besides surfing and arriving in Hawaii i also got to go to a community college fashion show. it was quite nice. It's the first ever runway i've been too. Also there were people from project runway! sooooo awesome :P i got their autographs and pictures. Sorry no pictures right now. But i'll be sure to post the pics from tonight in the next couple days.

Tuesday, April 19


{Outfit: grey knit cardigan - forever 21, moccasins - nordstrom rack, polk-a-dot shirt and skinny jeans - thriftie store}

No I'm not clubbing. I only put that there to fool you guys. hehe I'm only a teenager. Anyways I put that word "club" because i am so excited about this idea i came up with. And the idea is... D.I.Y. CLUB! I've been thinking about this idea for a while now and i think it would be really fun at school.  We also need to share the DIY ideas so people will become DIYers then we'll all be the best of friends jk have i gone too far? haha Tell me what you guys think of this idea. Leave a comment :)

Friday, April 15


 {Outfit: jacket - nordstrom rack (the cheaper store haha), knitted vest - somewhere in Japan, jeans - forever 21, black oxfords and shear heart shirt - h&m}

Yay! it's the weekend i'm so happy cause this whole week at school we had star testing. What a bore that was, sitting in a classroom for two hours powering over geometry problems or english questions. Anyways... I got to go shopping today. Like i said in my earlier post i really feel like i need to find myself in what i wear. and i think the pieces that i bought today really sum up how i want to dress from now on. 

Thanks for reading :D

Thursday, April 14

I Feel Something Different

{Outfit: striped sweater - aeropostle,  jeans - forever 21, flats - target}
The way i dress i realize isn't fulfilling the way i feel. I do see that I want to dress just to be comfortable and chic. For example wear a baggy shirt with a really cute fitted blazer (if i had one) and then just throw on a skirt. I hope I'm not the only one who has gone through a type of thing like me, when you try to figure out what your style is. So for the time being i just dress plainly as i try to figure out what i really feel comfortable in wearing.

Monday, April 11

To dye my hair or not to dye my hair?

{ Outfit: sweater - nordstrom rack, button up - thrift store, jeans and boots - forever 21 }

I really want to dye my hair. I want a change! My hair's been the same my whole life. I figured since i never did anything to it why not. I really want an ombre effect. No one at my school has it and i'll be the first ... at my school of course haha. But it's probably going to cost a bunch. But i still really want it. I also want to pierce my ears will i'll be doing very soon. Also i'll be cutting my hair back to the bangs that i had earlier. I hope it turns out well.

Sunday, April 10


 {Outfit: jacket - nordstrom rack, t - shirt - old navy, jeans - forever 21}

This jacket I'm wearing i never really liked for some reason. But when i finally came around to putting it on again I found out i really like it now. It has a hounds tooth pattern on it that just adds a little something to a plain outfit like the one that I'm wearing in the picture. Today was a nice day except that it is freezing cold, but the sun is out so it offers glimpses of warm spots that you can stand in. I also helped garden in my backyard which was really fun. But now comes the start of another week. And I have these tests all this week that I have to take. Here comes another week of school.

Wednesday, April 6

La La La

{outfit: sweater and shoes - h&m, t-shirt -, skirt - oldnavy}

When I wore this outfit earlier in the week I thought it was going to be hot. BUT... it wasn't. Once my parents started driving me to school I started to see the clouds rolling in and tons of fog. It was a really bad day to wear a skirt. What a day that was. Besides that, during pe we're playing soccer and I'm really enjoying it more than I thought I would. I love running on the field and having the wind rush past my face.

Friday, April 1

Cherry Blossoms in my Backyard?

  {Outfit: polk-a-dot button up - vintage, tank top - gap, zipper skirt - forever 21, shoes - converse}

Today I just found out there's a cherry blossom tree in my backyard. I just recently moved so that's why I just realized it if you're wondering. It's really nice and I was looking at it for a little and watched all the bees coming and going to get all the pollen out of the blossoms. It was pretty cool. It's been so oddly hot where I live and I love it. I realize that the weather really changes people's attitude. For instance when I'm walking around at school with my friends I see that people are happier...well its probably cause the weathers so nice. But it can also make people cranky. Anyways I hope the weather stays like this. :)