Wednesday, May 30

No More Time for School Cause it's Summer

 Now I would like to cordially thank school for wasting all my time with this pointless work and making me have bags under my eyes because I was sleep deprived. But thank goodness tomorrow is the last day of school! So I'd just like to welcome my summer with open arms and hold on tight to it.
 These are a pair of my new glasses that I am in love with and replace the dollar ones that were oh-so-kind-of special to me that i lost.
See ya when it's summer!

Tuesday, May 29

Oops... Forgot About France Pt. 3

 You should have seen this guy. He was doing all sorts of crazy tricks.
 That guy in the left corner was our tour guide.
 In the artist district.
 Cool French graffiti
 We passed Van Goghs apartment where he lived for a while.
 I wish I could have tried this seafood!
 This was supposedly in a scene in the movie Amelie??? I still need to watch the movie.
 Parisian style
 Moulin Rouge!!! I'm still a bit confused on the significance of it.
 Me on the last day.
 Into someone's garden.
 Beautiful flower
 Cool giant man coming out of the wall.
 Restaurant... i think
 More graffiti...
 Yummy banana and nutella crepe. They do not skimp on the banana and nutella
 Cute little restaurant
Typical French poster that you'd expect to see haha

Sunday, May 27

Steal Like An Artist

 OK so yesterday I went to the De Young museum with my mum and pop and I found this awesome book as shown above. I read the first page and i was immediately pulled in from what he was saying. So far he says that nothing is new all art is stemmed from something else. I am totally in love with the way he explains how we create art and as a person who likes to make art I totally agree with his ideas and thoughts about the matter. So far my favorite quote from him is idea 2 "Don't wait until you know who you are to get started." Ok i will just stop there because I don't want to spoil the rest of this incredible book to you guys.

 {Outfit: Dress - Nordstrom rack, shoes - from France, socks - forev 21}

Saturday, May 19

I want to time travel back to the 70's

 Time Warp

 Tye DYE awesomeness

 Doc Martins that I got for free from a clothes swap!
via yahoo search

So today i just saw Dark Shadows. I don't usually talk about movies that i've seen because 1) this is a fashion blog and 2) i usually forget to. Dark Shadow help mystical darkness that everyone in the movie had a tiny psychological malfunction. It had a great story and I was so thankful that it wasn't based on a book like how everything is these days. But I would save it for DVD to watch, but i do LOVE johnny depp don't get me wrong. But there's this one or two scenes where they show this group of hippies and i just love there clothes. I want to dress like them! And just have that vibe in my life because I really just wanna let loose.

Thursday, May 17

I Have Something to Show All of You

 {Outfit: shear dress and under dress - h&m, tights - ???, matsuda tigers - nordstrom rack}

 My new redecorated backpack!



I'm really into sketching backpacks. I love to add all the details and design backpacks that has all the right amount of space for me. I have some really nice sketches that I have to post next time. I feel like there isn't a perfect backpack for me out there... or it is just really expensive. So for now i present you with a redid jansport backpack that i've had forever.

Thursday, May 10

Mope all the Way

 {Outfit: camo & crop shirt - thrift, jeans - forever 21, matsuda tiger (shoes) - nordstrom rack}

 Flower growing out of my belly button!

Is that a cat or a squirrel?

So recently at school I've been feeling like no one understands me. Is it my fault? Is it there fault? Can I just not accept my own self? I just feel like I don't have people that I can be myself with and that we both can just let loose and they understand me for who I am and don't call me weird, or just say oh ok, or have thoughtful conversations. But after I told my best friend this I feel like our friendship went to another level because she understood how i was feeling lately and we both realized that we really are BFFF's. It's just that I see everyone else at school and how they get along with everyone and I only have those few people who I can talk to and feel comfortable. Ahhhh.... I warned you guys I would be mopey.

Tuesday, May 1

Good Samaritan and France Part 2

 { Outfit: headband - diy, shirt - h&m, sparkle socks - forever 21, orange dress - thriftyness }

 I feel that when I do good it doesn't always come from the right place. Halfway through the good act I'm about to do I think about the outcome and how maybe I'll get goodluck the next day since I did something good for myself. So is that good? Being a good person but expecting something good in return? IDK Anyways I hate school, guys are douche bags ( well this one in my chemistry class to narrow it down ), and I went thrifting yesterday! WooHoo! This isnt the outfit I wore I just thought it fit since I'm carrying a thrift store bag. I really like this 70's headband I decided to wear. But now that I cut my haor I don't know if it'll work. Soon coming... a picture of my new do.

 Get out of the picture lady!

 This is a painting of Napoleon crowning himself. What a obnoxious guy he was.

 My favorite painting in the whole museum!

 A peaceful place compared to the rest of the museum.

 BaBaam! Napoleons apartment

 Look at the little butt!

 It's me! I look like a mess
 Blurry, but I had to take a pic of Jean Paul Gaultier's store

 Stock market building ewww I hate money eating robots
 Little alleyway

 Souvenir stand

The Eiffel Tower!!