Thursday, March 29

Music to my Ears

 working on this still
 wrapped this in fabric... good diy

SOOOO today i went to the library to bet some books for my plane ride. To where you may ask? I'll say that at the end. But anyways I got some awesome cds that I can now listen to on my computer including phoenix and passion pit and this one lady. Their cd collection is so awesome because you can just go and look through all the variety that they have. I am such a nerd for loving the library. But I really do recommend going there. SOOOOO...
I know!!! I will for sure post every single pic i take there and the fashion there of course. So obviously i will be M.I.A. for a week. In that case...
 {from yahoo search }
I never listened to her music except for this one music video. but I thought it fit what i was talking about.

Thursday, March 22

Tye Dye My Life

 { Outfit: sweater and button up - thrifted, shirt i hand dyed from h&m, jeans - forever 21, and moccassins - disneyland }


Tye Dye psychedelic - ness

I really like to dye different clothes of mine. In my closet I currently have nothing plain. It would be impossible for someone to find a plain black or white t shirt. I want to dye more clothes! Send me your clothes if you want them to be dyed!!! Haha jk And i well my mom, i have to give credit to her, found this really cool sweater for me at a thrift store on haight st.

Who else thinks nicki minaj's eyes look scary???
But I do love her music.

Monday, March 19

Coasting on the Best of California

 {Outfit: plaid purple and gray t underneath- vintage, jeans - gap}

 Pretty - ful Flower

Listen to Maddiedigsthis!!!

My new favorite band is Best Coast. I read an article about Drew Berrymore in Instyle last month and then she said that she directed a a music video for Best Coast. Then I suddenly started listening to this group and didnt realize it was the same band. An now I listen to them 24/7! You must listen. And the girl above sang a cover of their song called Our Deal. She has an awesome voice too. Listen to them both.

If anyone knows of any concerts let me know!
-image found on yahoo search-

Monday, March 12

80's Movies Rock

Yesterday when I couldnt go to sleep i finished watching this movie I had found on netflix. Called Girls Just Want To have fun. It was so awesome. I wish I could be that awesome at dancing and being rebellious. I'm too normal to do all that cool stuff. And yes being normal ain't a good thing. Which I am too much of. My normal meter is way to high. I need some spontinuity right here and now. Just what should i start with though? idk. like the many answers to my daily life. Anyways I did this diy being inspired by Le Blog de Betty. She has the awesome shorts with crosses on them. Well anyways theres a link to her blog not that she isnt popular enough * gives envious stare*

Wednesday, March 7

Tiger sweatshirt or Horse sweatshirt?

 { Outfit: coat and vest - vintageo, pants and longsleeve - forever 21 }

What do you guys think? I really want one or the other or may be even both? Today I had a debate in my head. Should I go and watch Top Model or just aimlessly look at fashion blogs? Guess what I chose... to aimlessly look at all the wonderfullness the fashion world has to bring but I can not touch. I really love color now. Before I would be, " How could you wear that floral print with those neon plant print pants?" Now i'm like, " OMG I want that!" And then I start drawing it in my sketch book using my colorfull pens and making my own patterns. Gosh I'm making alot of my own words today. I should post some of my sketches... one day.

Sunday, March 4

Facebook you immortal monster!

 { Outfit: jacket - present, skirt - forever 21, shirt - oahu flea market, tights - vintage }

Currently hating facebook right now. It just makes me feel like I'm this little tiny person with nothing better to do than go and care about other peoples business. It's a love and hate relationship. But besides that don't  I look like Wednesday from the Addam's Family with my black jacket and tights. Not my favorite look. But it kept me warm during the 50 degree weather. Why can't there be an indian summer?! 

P.S. I opened my store on Etsy!!! Please check it out if you have time after seeing my blog. The pieces I've put up are one of a kind and designed and made by me. It means a lot to me when people see these clothes because it tells me that others like it too and it makes me happy when others are happy. So please check it out and tell me what you think!

here's a Link to make it easier: