Tuesday, July 31

Pajama Pants

 {Outfit: vest - free people, pj pants - vintage, shoes - converse}

 { Handmade necklace by moi}

 {New clothes from H&M and Nike Store in sf}

I realize I havent done an actual outfit post in such a long time. But I'm starting to feel all selfish always talking about myself. So we'll see. Watching the olympics and trying not to think about how close school is. AHHHHH! and going to Hawaii soon. Yay surfing!

Monday, July 23

Can't Get Enough of LA

 Iron man, captain america, avengers, the list goes on
 He's the best
 I have the same size feet as Kristan Stewart!
 French Dip from famous Phillipe's. Not the best I must say.
 Biting picture

 From this cool crepe place near my hotel called Crepe Express. A must go.

The La Brea Tar Pits... to be continued

P.S. I currently want a baseball cap. Not one that franchises baseball or a college football team. Know anywhere to get one?

Monday, July 16


 I recently needed something to watch. And guess what I've been watching since now... Awkward! I love that show but that's a different blog post. I am now loving World of Jenks. He inspires me, and I recently have been wondering what I want to do for collage and film documentary really interests me. So this is the perfect show. One of my favorite
ones is about VV Brown. She was saying in the show how hard it was being dropped by her record label in the US and then she still came back after the disappointment. How can you have that much courage? I really admire that in people. I have no self courage or even enough confidence to do that. Being totally knocked down but then coming back and standing even taller than you
ever can. Thanks World of Jenks for making me realize that there's so much to see in the world that I still have to look forward to see and explore.
(photos via yahoo)
P.S. I think I may start doing my posts like this. what do you think? 

Tuesday, July 10

Friendz Who Do Back Bendz

 There's my friend in the reflection

 On the carousal made us feel like little kids again!
We all met in San Diego for my friend.
 Me want pepsi!
 Fail attempt

 Fancy flower cake(hey look I said flower cake)

When I went to LA we met up with family friends in San Diego for my friends family. It was a real bonding time and just having fun and accepting the world how it is and what certain circumstances come to. I am so happy to see my friend and how strong she is and is still the happy, talkative, and spunky friend she is. I dedicate this post to her and her family.

Sunday, July 8

All for the reason of FUN

Pictures taken at Venice Skate Park with my fancy camera

One day in la me and my family went to venice beach. I just couldnt get away from watching all of them do all their tricks and crazyness. I brought mr fancy camera with me. I'm not a great photographer but it was fun to snap photos of all the dudes. I was also really sad because I realized I shoulda brought my bigger lense.  They're all just doing what they like to do just to cause they like it and not for any other reason. All for the reason of FUN. I need to figure out what my hooby is that I do all for the reason of fun.

Friday, July 6

I am Awkward (yes like the tv show sorta)

 French Dp from the famous Phillipe in LA
 Biting Pic... Awkward

 Really expensive square piece of cracker cake thing
 Cute circular cake, but so tiny
 Best pic I took inside the popular Louie

 So crowded

Just got back from LA yesterday. Too used to the hotel life, someone making your bed, actually having cabel, doing exciting things during the day and then coming back to the comfort of your hotel. We also went to this awesome and super popular place called Louie. And guess who I saw but was obviously too scared to say hi to.... it was Chris from Christeric! She is like my most favorite blogger and I was just too starstruck to say hi and intimidated too. So yeah and the title of this blog post will lead to my next because I'm already writing too much.