Sunday, November 20

Breaking Dawn!

 { Outfit : coat - sports basement in sf, twilight t - hot topic, dress & shoes - vintage, tights and fluffy socks - ??? }

{ My camera, my friend haha }

ok so today i watched breaking dawn and it was AWESOME. yes capitals to emphasize how good it was. i know i'm wearing a twilight shirt but still that's showing my spirit for the twilight saga. that reminds me i need to put my taylor lautner posters back up since i moved. i've been thinking about making some tutorials. but idk. still needa think about that one. anyways... till next time

Wednesday, November 16

Cardigan Love

{ Outfit : cardigan - out of the closet, shirt dress- forever 21, trousers - clothes swap }

I love this cardigan. I would wear it everyday, but then people would wonder why i'm doing that. But why should i care?! Never mind maybe i will wear it everyday from now on. This is me with my new haircut. I miss the blonde tips of my hair but there's still a little there gladly. Today was pretty crazy. I went thrift store shopping with my cousin and we got scared from this weird homeless dude. Not cool. But shopping was fun! Anyways photos of my lovely buys coming soon!

Tuesday, November 15

Mix Matched Socks

 { Outfit : jeggings - forever 21, polk a dot tank - h&m, pullover - goodwill, trench - banana republic }

Ahh the days of my life have been chill. I just NEED to get my drivers ed done so i can start being a more independent teen. How many times have you heard that? And I can't get over the fact that I can't stop wearing these jeggings.  I must find more. Here are just a few new photos. Going thrift store shopping tomorrow with my cousin. Fun! Shopping Spree! Enjoy!

Saturday, November 5

Blanket Scarf

 { Outfit: scarf and polk a dot socks - h&m, sweater - clothes swap, t shirt dress and jeggings - forever 21 }

This scarf is so comfy it's like a blanket AND scarf. It's so soft and it adds a pop of color to my outfits because usually i wear dark - ish colors. So it's a good warm color. I recently did a whole bunch of sewing and I sewed a whole bunch of clothes. Well not a WHOLE bunch, but i sewed a dress and a jacket. But the jacket i don't like exactly how it turned out. But I will post some pictures soon. I also cut my hair! It was super long before i' m pretty sure that's the longest i ever grew it. There' ll be picture for that too :)