Friday, January 28

Vibrant Black

I've just started wearing these new converse that I bought. It's nice to see a fresh new vibrant black instead of my faded out blue ones that I had. But I also miss the old ones cause they have memories and stories that you can tell from the stains on the shoes. But it's time to move on. Hopefully I'll find new ways to make this new pair my own.

Tuesday, January 25


I've really been wanting to wear this cropped shirt (I made it) and I finally had the special moment to wear it. It was warm and sunny today and I paired it with a high waisted skirt I got from the thrift store (Goodwill). I would have to agree with the tons of other bloggers who say that thrift stores are awesome. You find really nice clothes that are cheap and you might even find something vintage. I love vintage pieces, but they only pop up when I least expect it. You could find the cutest dress that you could wear everyday or a pair of shoes that will go with a dress you've been really wanting to wear. Here's a new tip : shop at thrift stores cause you never know what you'll find.


Today I took a risk and decided to wear orange and blue in the morning I was worrying that the two colors would totally clash. But my friend reminded me that they're complementary colors. I so wish I could have worn heels with this but going to school and walking in heels just don’t really add up. Also I'm not really used to it like other blogs I see I always see them wearing heels. But this is a blog where you'll see outfits without heels. So for the people like me who are not quite ready to wear heels, my blog is just for you.

Saturday, January 22


Recently every time I go to my sketchbook to draw a new design i always start drawing a long maxi skirt with a structured top. This just always come to my mind. I love the flowiness of it and how I could just imagine my self running around and having fun. It's so different from all the coctail dresses famous people wear these days. They sometimes look like its too tight on them or it's making them feel uncomfortable. I've been seeing it a lot on the runways for example on the Chanel runway and i love it when the skirt gets paired with chunky heels. I've also seen this types of stylings in my Japanese magazines where i get most of my inspiration from.

Sorry my computer won't upload the pictures i found :( I hope you enjoy the blog though

Thursday, January 20

Look at My Skirt

 This top photo was my outfit from yesterday. I made it from a mens shirt. It became something to give away to my brand new skirt. That's the best thing you can do. Make nothing into something. And I didn't have to buy a new skirt because that would be going against what i promised. I recently started wearing more skirts to school because it really changes up your wardrobe and wearing skirts can bring tons more outfits.
My best friend kept on telling me to show this picture so here it is. I really like it because it looks so professional, but all we used was the timer on the camera. How awesome are cameras these days! :D

Tuesday, January 18


this is my attempt at putting two patterns together. it turned out alright as you can see. i started noticing all the mixing of patterns on the runways recently and wanted to try it out. but i first saw it on project runway when Mando would match together two completely different patterns and what turned out was an awesome design.
hi everyone. i took this picture like everyone else these days: taking it in front of a mirror. like other posts i'm not able to show a post each day, so i'll probabaly be posting a lot all in one day. if you would like to know the components of what i'm wearing feel free to ask me by leaving a comment.


One of my new year's resolutions this year was to not go shopping. As you know I think no one can fulfill this. But the thing I always think to encourage me to do this is that I probabaly have clothes I haven't worn yet that are still new in my closet. Also it helps me to think of new outfits I can make with what I have. Hopefully I will be able to succeed. Wish me luck and I'll keep you informed if I ever sadly go against my promise.

Sunday, January 16

New Day

The first day of my first ever blog i made. Please follow my blog. I don't think I'll be posting everyday but atleast a couple times a week. But don't worry I'll always have something new to post. The base of my blog will be mostly on fashion, so you can consider this a fashion blog from the normal person's point of view.  :D