Monday, July 22

Drama Queen Status

 Me and a drag queen?


 More friends <3

 Old friend acting like a b*tch

I realize I am not alone in life. I feel that people who say they are alone in the world are just selfish, like me. I used to say this all the time to myself. Like everyday of my life I pitied myself for not having friends and realizing that I spend a lot of my free time with parents. But that's me just being a little selfish teen moaning and groaning about how my life is not filled with excitement and friends. But I can't say I have overcome feeling like that. But now I realize that I am not alone and I appreciate those friends who are there for me and I shouldn't push them away just because we don't agree or they're not talking about what I want them to talk about. In the words from a loved one, " you should learn to be more tactful."

Monday, July 15

Staying in the Middle

I'm fine with not having an opinion from time to time. This recent hooplah about Zimmerman v. Trayvon has taught me that no one will have the exact story. So due to that I will not have a final opinion about who I think is right or wrong. But I do have to say both sides of the party will have racist acts towards them and I hope that nothing worse will come. I've done enough research about this and I really don't want to have an opinion about the situation. For some reason I spent like 2 days researching what exactly happened and who attacked who first. But in the end my head hurt too much and I stopped researching. Because if I surround myself with all the negativity in the world then I will become negative. That is something I am working on. It is my CHOICE to be negative and gray or I can be hopeful and live in the moment. I will always remember that old turtle sensei from Kung Fu Panda with that really awesome quote about how "the present is a present." 

Friday, July 12

New Project

My friend David and the fact that I am part of an internship named CYMC really inspires me to film more. Documentary style! And I want to do this to highlight people that are just regular and make them feel special. Even though it will just be posted on my blog that has only like 1 reader. But I'm cool with that! Shout out to my cousin Hannah! I really like working on the laptop and editing by myself. That makes me sound like an introvert... but I am one anyway. My first video will probably be of me and I'll answer some questions and let all y'all actually hear my voice. Then I'll have to muster up the courage to ask people if they'd like to be interviewed and posted on my blog. So for now I'll categorize my blog as a lifestyle blog with sprinkles of fashion every now and then. I don't wanna focus on just my outfits anymore because that's really shallow of me. I mean I'll do it every once in a blue moon if I really like my outfit. Toodles for now and I will be posting on Cos I don't want to join the hype of YouTube (even though I go on it practically everyday)!