Thursday, March 28

Dem Boots

I promised myself I would never buy a leather pair of boots. But these are from a thrift store and I think that is totally fine because I am not buying it from the direct supplier which would be supporting their cause. Any ways I am trying to apply to this art project called The Do Not Enter Diaries. They'll interview me and take a tour of my room. That sounds so cool wish me luck...

 {Outfit: Button up and boots - thrifted, jeans - forever 21 and I added the dots to it}

Tuesday, March 26

Prom + Ball = Prall

I have officially gone to my first prom! For readers in foreign countries prom and ball are two separate things. Prom is for 11th graders and Ball is for 12th graders. It was absolutely fun and I danced my heart out and did not want it to ever end. I wish I took a better picture of my dress, because guess what I made the whole darn thing! I will soon post a picture of it. More posts too come, since I have been sort of a hiatus.

 Inside the Limo
 The corsage I made my self... corsages are actually really hard to fabricate.
 The view from the top floor
 Me and my friendz!
 My placard, never had one before!
The inside hall/dining area/dance floor