Tuesday, February 18

Chipped Nails a Way to Tell Time

Little film ideas drift in to my mind. Ways to tell how time has passed is really taking over since time is life. I haven't written a blogpost in a long time, and it was due to me feeling narcissistic and selfish that I would randomly tell strangers about my past, present =, and future. But I have the right to! I mean I need a way to vent or else I'll over boil like hot water that is filled to the brim and about to reach its boiling point. I love boys and I think teenage life really needs to be documented more, not by scientists in a research center. But by teenagers themselves, like myself. I want to film the chaos of prom season. Not the buying the fucking prom dresses and tuxes, but the turmoil for some shithead guys and how they diss every girl just because they want to go with their "dream girl." I probably just sound really jealous that no one has asked me, but I mean I am jealous. That takes some courage to admit. I mean I too want to go with my dream guy