Wednesday, August 31

Back from HK

 I'm back from Hong Kong as the title may tell you. Finally back at home and i hope i'll get back into the groove of things. Hong Kong was soo hot and i was a bit disappointed of the shopping. Everything there is soo expensive and i was really hoping to find some cheap finds but sadly only wen to one store that really had a sale. And the rest of the other clothes i bought were from h&m. Anyways sorry for lack of posts, i hardly have anytime. The only reason I'm posting this is because i can't sleep!!!
More pictures coming soon...

Tuesday, August 16

More Blurriness

 { Someone has a bedhead }
 { Outfit: summer hat - lucylove, tube top slash skirt, nordstrom rack, jogging short - oldnavy }
P.S. jogging shorts are my new favorite shorts to wear
 { Spam! I always say i don't want to eat it but i just can't say no }
{ Lani the friendly guinea pig on waikiki }

Sadly this is the final summer post for summer 2011. I start school tomorrow! NO i don't want to go. I can't believe I only posted twice this summer for you to see. I feel so bad it's because of my underwater (yeah right!) camera. Anyways what are your plans for style this school year? gtg finish up my essay i should have done earlier. See ya!

Saturday, August 6

Summer Hat

 { Outfit: hat - rip curl, dress - thrift store, back pack - mexican street in la }

Aloha everyone! I am currently still in Hawaii and sadly i forgot this cord that downloads my pictures on to my laptop. So for now here are ones I took from my iPod, which can explain why its blurry. Anyways i recently made one of the best purchases of my whole summer, this hat! It goes with everything and its not one of those floppy wool ones that you see everyone wearing "not that there's anything wrong with that" [if you watch seinfeld you'll know what i'm talking about] 

{ Thrift store shoes and sunglasses from Gap, on sale! }

I'm so sad there's only like  a week of summer left. How could you do this to me summer!? It seems like it went by so fast. In a couple of weeks i'll be going to HK with my family and missing a whole week of school! Pretty awesome in my opinion. Does anyone know what HK stands for? Leave a comment for your guess.