Wednesday, May 25


 { Outfit: shirt - target, longsleeve - old navy, black pants - h&m, and oxfords - forever 21}
La la la this was a normal week for me. just went to my art class where i'm working on this really complicated picture... well maybe not to other people, but its taking me forever to finish. And just studying for finals and stuff. And here are the oxfords that i posted before. i'm actually wearing them out and not just staring at them waiting for the right moment to wear them.

Friday, May 20


 { Outfit: zipper shoes - h&m, jeans and dressy shirt - forever21, roxy sweater - nordstrom rack }
 Look! I made this bag with my own two hands. I really loved this alexander wang bag that i saw people holding on blogs and i had to have it. But obviously i couldn't, that would be all my money just for one of his bags. So here's my version of it. I wanted a vintage feel to it tell me what ya think. :D

Changed the fonts up a little

Sunday, May 15


This is the first time i'm not the photographer. My friend came over and we were walking aroung my garden/backyard and taking photos of eachother. It was quite a fun day. We also went into my pool for the first time and it was freezing cold. But hopefully it'll warm up in the following days. Back to school tomorrow... but only 3 more weeks hooray!

Thursday, May 5

Seeing Underwater

{ Outfit: Denim Shirt - Target, Feather Skirt - Forever 21, Flip Flops - Old Navy }
 This is probably the best picture i took of myself for this outfit but look how akwardly my foot looks! :P

 This picture kind of makes me look chubby. A no no

My Flower Lookbook

 From an ants point of view or maybe a rabbit

I feel so bad for not posting in such a long time. I came back from vacation and the internet there wasn't that great, but i'm just glad i had a fun time there. So here are a ton of photos to look at that i took today. I also remember my promise about the fashion show that i went to and i'm still getting those pictures together. It's also been so hot where i live it's like i'm still in vacation, besides school that gets in the dang way of me enjoying the weather. But the plus side of being at school is that i started the swimming unit for pe. It's soooooo fun. Hopefully nothing embarrasssing happens though. But we all need a little embarrassment so they'll become stories we can tell.