Tuesday, February 28

I Skip a day of School and this is what I Have to Say

 I designed and sewed this bag myself. I use it for school.

 It's Bambi from Urban Outfitters... as a zombie!

Painting materials

Oddly at school no one I don't know criticizes me for what I wear. It's the people i DO know that criticizes me. Once when I wore trousers to school that I thought were so awesome my friend said, " What kind of pants are those, my grandma wears that." Oddly enough she doesn't even dress to impress anyone. But now I'm just getting back at her for what she said. But my point here is that I shouldn't give a (dot,dot,dot)  for what anybody cares. You and I should dress for yourself only and let other people look and stare. Because when you get those looks and stares, they only wish they would've worn it too.

Monday, February 20

Awesome Weekend

 { Outfit: sweater - vintage, jeans - forever 21, shoes - matsuda tiger from nordstraom rack }

Woah look at those shoes! Haha These arent mines. I wore them for this one photo and didnt even walk out of the house in these. I mean I do like my fair share in heels but I DO NOT ware them regularly. This weekend was awesome. My friends from out of town stayed over and I don't think I've laughed this hard in forever. Also my blog was mentioned on spreecast.com! It's awesome my moms friend Shana mentioned it during one of her webcasts. Heres a link! http://www.spreecast.com/events/rewind-new-york-fashion-week It's mentioned near the end. Also check out her webcasts too.

Wednesday, February 15

Look I'm lifting an elephant with one hand

 { Outfit: camo jacket - thrift store, jeans - forever 21, don't remember what shirt }

These pictures look like I'm talking to someone or something. This elephant is so cute I got it from the Sanrio aka Hello Kitty store. I remember when I used to go there all the time when I was little and buy useless things. Oh the good old days

Monday, February 13

When the suns not shining, someone else is

Currently it is raining here. It is a sad gray where you feel like a zombie once you wake up till you go back to sleep. On the bright side I finally picked out my classes. Woohoo! Counselors are really helpful at school. Well the on that I have really helped me decide. I hope it's not zombie weather where ever you live.

Friday, February 10

Dark Night Bright White

 { Outfit: maxi skirt - clothes swap, boots - vintage, shirt - hong kong, jacket and sweater - nodstrom rack }

I don't know what classes to take for next year!The counselors said at my school said that junior year is what colleges look for.  Ahhh I don't know what to do. This maxi skirt is really fun to wear and i want to dye it but i dont want to ruin it at the same time. what do you guys think? Comment :)

Sunday, February 5


 { Outfit: sporty jacket - h&m, jeggings - forever 21, sweater and polk-a-dot button up- vintage }


Made this myself...

The reason I'm so happy is that i'm half way to getting my permit! Yay! Accomplished one thing from my New Year's resolutions. New year's what? Does anyone still remember theres? Haha

Thursday, February 2

Bag of Clothes from a Clothes Swap

 doc Martins free! I grabbed them once i saw them

 This beautiful bedazzled bag.

 I dont really like these. Gonna sell them soon.

 The embroidery is so pretty on this and i love that its sleeveless.

These are cropped and look like pj's. They're comfy too.