Monday, June 24

#The Bling Ring

I recently watched the bling ring. I snuck into the movie! I am such a rebel arent I? It was such a bland yet powerful movie. It starts out with a tape of the bling ring leaving Paris Hilton's house hopping over the fence and making a run for their money. Well not particularly their money but all the famous people they fucking stole from. It was either they stole $3 million worth of shit or it was $300 million. I need to get my facts straight. From when you first see Nick I got the hint that he was gay from his super tight skinny jeans. Not to be stereotypical even though the whole movie is one at that, but in a unique way. And then you here him talking about his friend top the gang leader, her name slips my mind, and he calls him cute thats when you get the picture that he's not in the bling ring to hook up with any of the girls but only to be accepted. And if there's anyone out there like me I totally relate to him because I would do anything to be accepted just like him. My morals would be stripped and I'd be running around naked and blinded so to speak doing whatever someone told me to do just so I would feel accepted. For some reason I only remember Nicki because she is such a bee-yotch and needs to be smacked in the face by her mama to get herself together. I even watched some videos of her stupid ass show and Emma Watson played her perfectly. It just goes to show that TV, Life, and culture overall is going to be taken over by people like this. I guess Nicki is right when she says, "I want to become president someday." Because by the way things are going she actually will. I'll skip to the end which is so damn powerful because Nicki is being interviewed and at the end she says, " Follow me at #nickiforever" or some shit like that. And it goes to show that she has not learned one thing from the whole experience and as a teenager myself I can even tell that she'll be the next Kim Kardashian.

Extra Note: I dont even know why Nicki is the main character because the asian girl was behind the whole thing. Asian Power gets hidden once again :P