Friday, August 24

Flower Headband

 {Outfit: boots and sweater - vintage, pants - h&m, shirt - vendor from the bizarre bazaar}

I made my very first flower headband! It was really fun to make. I don't have that many fake flowers so i need to stock up on some more. I don't know if you guys remember me mentioning a club back last year. But the wheels are in motion for that. I need to make the poster to advertise. so many things to do!

Wednesday, August 22

Pony in the Sky

 {Outfit: jeans - forever 21, scarf - h&m, horse and raincoat - vintage, tyedye shirt - selfmade}

Let's see if you can notice here... my hair is long! I know who I want to be for halloween, Velma from scooby doo. Since I have short hair now and her clothes that she wears are pretty easy to find hopefully I thought it'd be perfect.What r u guys thinking about being? Last post was so thoughtful from sabo skirt girl. She was so nice and said that I just need to keep going and be MYSELF. I need to stop complaining I have to say sorry to all of you. This isn't a place to be sad, but a place to speak about the great things in life.

Tuesday, August 14

Leaving my SAntuary

 I am seriously down right now. School is starting right when I come back from hawaii, like the next day. I'm also sad that I feel like no one looks at this blog. But that's just something I need to get over and stop trying to think "the grass is greener on the other side". Because it's not I just have to look down and notice it's been green for a while.
On a brighter note, I've been surfing my heart out and took some videos I will be posting the video very soon. And I met cool people while surfing too. So shout out to them!

{ Outfit: skirt n jacket - vintage, shirt - h&m, tights - hand me down }

Tuesday, August 7

Currently in Hawaii

 I just wanted to show you guys my workspace and where I make all my little creations. If I were a mom you'd think I'd be talking about where I make all my children. WeIrD, anyways I realize even if not that many people look at this blog it's a place for me to be myself and do whatever I want to do and write about. So here it is.

 {Outfit: Kimono- h&m, tanktop - garage sale, necklace - selfmade, jeans - forever 21}

Yes I drew that picture behind me, yes I know my eyes are closed, and yes hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of Hawaii