Saturday, March 26

Washed Denim

 { Outfit : awesome denim shirt - target, V- neck, jeans, & socks - Forever 21, scarf - Gap }

Look at this new denim shirt I got from Target! I just had to buy it. I've been seeing tons of bloggers and people featured on their blog wearing it. I think I just bought the best thing ever. I have tons of outfit ideas for this blue denim shirt. I was just being a little more free in this picture because all my other pics have been me looking serious or looking away and I just want to be myself. Because no one is serious in real life everyone is anything but that. I'm learning to just be myself because  "I'm Born This Way", says Lady GaGa. :P

Tuesday, March 22


 {outfit: sweater - thrift store, dress - hollister}

Well today it was sunny, then windy, then it rained a little, then rained so much I don't think I would want to walk outside to take a picture. So I just had to take one inside and this is what happened, haha you can't even see what I'm wearing. Anyways how's the weather been where you guys live? Leave a comment :)

Monday, March 21

Same Jacket

 {outfit: jacket - banana republic, pullover - thrift store, jeans - forever 21, flats - target}

I know this is the same jacket, but I just keep on going to it when I am looking for one to wear. I've also really been into making collages. I started to make them before, but now I'm putting pictures on everything like my notebook and sketchbook. It's really fun to just sit and look at magazines and cut out whatever I like. Anyways do you have any go to pieces that you always wear? Leave a comment, thanks :P

Thursday, March 17

Special Effects

 {outfit: jeans - forever21, utility jacket - banana republic, button up shirt - thrift store}
{ My inspiration for when I'm drawing}
I call this blog post special effects because the picture that I took of myself looks different and weird in an odd way. Or it could look like I should of turned off the flash on my camera. Anyways I love the pictures that I tore out from my old teen vogue magazines. They've just been sitting around my room, so I thought why not tear out some that I could get inspiration from. Well I hope they'll inspire you as well :)

Thursday, March 10


 {outfit: dress - forever 21, tights - vintage, shoes - converse}
For some reason when I wake up in the morning it takes me so long to pick out my outfit. There seems to be nothing in my brain telling me ideas for outfits. So today I just put on a dress cause I couldn't think of an outfit to wear. Anyways ... schools been starting to give a lot of homework and things to do. Well it's nearing the end of the school year so I guess I should have expected it.

Wednesday, March 9

Cloudy Sky

 {outfit: tanktop - forever 21, jeans - ross, sweater - h&m}

Yay! The weather is finally normal. Just clouds in the sky with a slight breeze. Oh and this is the sweater I made. Well not actually but I just added the stripes on the back. For a while I have realized what my latest addiction is...blogs. Everyday after school I have to check my blog and all the other ones I follow on Bloglovin. I love to see the different ways people dress and how they put different pieces of clothes together whether it be from a thrift store or something that cost a whole bunch.

Monday, March 7


 {outfit: shirt sweater - aeropostle, zippered skirt - forever 21, macassins - disneyland}
When I looked at this outfit in the picture it kind of makes me look like rachel berry from glee. I think its the sweater and the flats that make my outfit look like something she would wear. Also today at school we had a presentation and it was really inspirational and even though i can't really relate to there stories i was really happy and proud that they were able to overcome the obstacles they went through. But anyways I just wanted to share that with you guys. Bye for now and have a nice day! :P

Sunday, March 6

Blue Sky

 { outfit: sweater - charlotte russe, dress - forever 21}
The day that I wore this dress was one of the only days when it was actually nice. I was so happy to finally wear a dress again. I found it on sale at forever 21!

Tuesday, March 1

Too Much

 {outfit: sweater - charlotte russ, jeans and shirt- forever 21}
 {my doggy smelling her armpit :P}
{outfit: jeans - forever 21, grey sweater - h&m}
For some reason homework has just been piling on. Yesterday I spent three hours and only got three things done. Personally I think school gets in the way of things, well for me. Because it takes up all my time when I could be drawing or making clothes for my portfolio for college. But for now I'll just have to find a way and balance out both.