Monday, October 31

Shiny Light

 Look at this marvelous light it has such a nice vintage feel with it.

 Look at my cardigan i found at the thrift store so cool

Background garbage bags again. In the Japanese fashion magazines that I read they do the really cute segments where they choose a set amount of clothes and do different combinations and put together all these really cute outfits. So i accepted the challenge and started doing it. It was kind of hard choosing out the clothes i would use but after that the days that i get to wear the combos was really fun. Sadly it was really hard for me to take photos of my outfits everyday. So here's one of the few that I've taken and a shiny light that i really like that's in my house.

Sunday, October 23


 look at my dog closing her tiny eyes

 her diamond jewelry is showing... and its beautiful on her

look at the chic background i made

{ Outfit : t shirt -, jeans - forever 21 }

This is the first time i ever have a set for my photos. Its like a mini photo shoot haha I was using it for the background for my french project. Don't ask why it looks like a homeless persons house. Sorry my hair is a mess in this picture. But i do like messy careless updo's these days. Since my hair is getting too long and i want to cut it all off. I also wanted to do an outfit post because i really like this t shirt and how i cut the neck part. I really want to cut my hair. Short too, so i can just leave it and let it do its own thing and not be in my way. My bangs are soo annoying. Leave a comment below about what kinds hairstyle you think i should get. :)

Wednesday, October 19

My Sporty Looks

 { Outfit: shirt dress and jeggings - forever 21, tennis shoes converse }

 Look at Me. The one and only photo i will post of myself surfing... for now.

Look at the banana peel, for some reason there was no garbage can in sight!

Last Sunday I went biking with my friend. It was sooo fun having the wind blowing in your hair, seeing people you haven't seen in a while, feeling your legs burn as you bike up the hills. I haven't biked around that much before. My bike is sooo old, I can't even count the years haha What sports are you guys into? Leave a comment. :)

Friday, October 14

ombred it!

 { Outfit: t shirt - hong kong, cardigan - forever21, jeans - Gap, shoes - converse }

My lovely doggie (so photogenic isnt she?)

Finally i ombred my hair. is that even how u spell it? A while back i was questioning the whole thing. Remember, remember?! Well if you don't i'll leave a link on the bottom. It was supposed to be a turquoise color but now its just all blond :( oh well... atleast people know the intent of how it's supposed to look. People are like " I like your hair! " Not that i'm bragging or anything. hehe the great thing is that if i dont want it anymore i could just cut it all off. Now off to photography classes tomorrow! it just started. see ya!

Thursday, October 6

Alexa Chung!

Alexa Chung for Madewell

I was totally amazed by all the clothes in the Alexa Chung clothes that Madewell had on her. It made me just want to copy all their designs and sew my heart out trying to replicate all the outfits and pieces. I mean each piece is so cute and I would want the whole collection if i could actually afford it. I mean come on... I saw a sweater and it cost $98 and the Madewell store. I could never afford that. Thats why I go to thrift stores to find secret treasures that will look exactly the same as Madewell clothes.

Tuesday, October 4

Working in Ze Garden

 me planting with my messy hair. i saw in another fashion blog that she likes to tuck her hair into her sweater. i am quite liking it too.
 raspberry parfaits!! the coolest name for a flower. i would so want that name if i were a flower.
 mon chien ( my dog in French )

 le snail
la work table

A couple weeks ago me and my mum planted the most coolest flowers ever. They were names raspberry parfaits. Sadly they didnt smell like them but the name was just enough to make my day. Recently i felt left out since i moved to a farther away house from all my friends, But on this weekend i realized to just be happy and that i get to plant these cooleo flowers and hang out in my huge backyard, listen to music, and chill out. How have you guys been feeling lately???