Friday, June 22

LA here I come ... soon

 { Outfit: crochet cardigan - vintage, tshirt - selfmade, shorts - macy's, flip flops - old navy }

 At the De Young museum to see Jean Paul's pieces

 I went to the exhibit a while ago but forgot to post these marvelous pictures.

 It was so awesome and intense just knowing that you're seeing these handmade delicacies right in front of you.

 The mastermind himself.

 I'd wear this

So I found out this week that me and my fam are going to LA next week. So excited I follow a lot of bloggers who live in LA and am so excited to be able to dress in warm sunny weather and dress like a hippie because I think deep down inside I dress like one or atleaast want to dress like one. Here are some pics to keep you happy and look at my blog still. Hope you like!

Sunday, June 17

Not really a Jean Jacket, But it could Be

 {Outfit: shoes - converse, tights - from mum, jacket - vintage, dress - handmade}


 Both from Buffalo Exchange

 From Wastleland

Really quick post! I'm back from Sacramento and just found out I'm going to L.A. soon lala land here I come. Do you guys have any good places to visit there. Leave a comment below. And the clothes above are from my friend and I's trip to Haight St. a few weeks ago. It's actually not the cheapest there.

Friday, June 8

Good Buys

 These have to be the coolest pair of cowboy boots i own. Considering i only have 1 other pair.

 The GREATEST BUY EVER!!!! These Minnetonkas were only $10.45 from community thrift. OMFG! I never swear but I had to right there.

 Beautiful ombre skirt

 This picture doesn't give the kimono robe its justice. But it's so adorable. First day of school outfit? Ahh dont wanna think that far ahead.

Me wearing the ombre skirt.

While shopping at community thrift there were quite a few cute guys there. Just sayin haha So next week I won't be blogging because i'll be going to my friends house in Roseville! We've been best buddies since we were little. Chow for now!
P.S. Like the pun i did there in the title? Very funny. Alrite enough with the lame jokes.

Tuesday, June 5

Valencia St.

 Dress: Goodwill

Today I went to Valencia with my cuz and we went to an awesome thrift store called community thrift. It's my all time favorite thrift store so if you live or are going to visit go right on down and mozy on in there.  Also right next to it is this really cool alley way where its filled with beautiful mosaics and just full of life and I even got to talk to one of the artists who was working on his. Nice talking to you Brian! ( not that you'll probably see this )

Pics of all the Good Buys coming soon....