Monday, February 21

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Thursday, February 17


Well today was a boring one. I thought the rally at school would spice up things at school but no one really likes rallys. I mean you just sit there while you watch other people have fun playing the games. But anyways it was Heart Day at school which means you wear something with hearts on it and this was the perfect thing to wear because I've been trying to look for a reason to wear it. {outfit: H&M blouse, Target tanktop, Forever 21 skinny jeans}

Wednesday, February 16

Catchy Songs

 During a show that shows at my highschool on Fridays I heard this song called All About Him. I really like the lyrics but I certainly will get tired of it over time. Another really catchy song I recently  heard was Lady Gaga's song Born This Way and it  just keeps replaying in my head. I just can't stop singing and dancing to her song. {outfit: vintage maroon sweater, tank top from a traveling boutique, and skinny jeans from forever 21}
This was my Valentine's Day outfit. I really wanted to wear a dress. But in SSF it's been rainy, cold and windy. So I had to just wear this blouse. Atleast it was cute and flowy. I love that it was on sale too at Old Navy. {outfit: old navy blouse, h&m skinny jeans}

Monday, February 14

Happy Vally-tine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone's having a nice time with their valentine. Sadly I can't load my outfit for today, but I'll do it tomorrow. I took this photo with my little camera and it was in Hawaii. It's probably the only picture that I think is good. Anyway I hope everyone has a nice day.

Fashion School

 This was taken on Saturday when the weather was still bright and shiny. I'm glad I was able to wear dresses while I had the chance. Also today the security at my fashion school wouldn't let me in and I had to be late and get ackward stares from the people in my class. But gladly it turned out to be a good class day and I'm learning a lot of new stuff.
These are the new shoes that I bought. Hopefully this is the last time I shop for a while. :P

Wednesday, February 9


I'm so tired of just taking the same photos in the same place. But I'm too lazy to find another place to go somewhere else. I guess that means I just have to be more creative while taking pictures. Today I was shopping around for clothes and I just got too overwhelmed with all the cute clothes. But I know I'm not supposed to buy anything, but I think I atleast need to buy the piece of clothing I've been wishing to have... a maxi skirt.

Monday, February 7


 As you can see I've been doing this pose for a lot of pictures. Even the one below has a side view of myself. For some reason I look super tall in this picture and I think it's because the ceiling looks low and near my head. Even though I may have mentioned this before, I really want a maxi skirt because it looks like it could go with anything and I can imagine myself running on the beach in one just for fun. Haha
On my pants I rolled up the cuffs. I was wondering if it made me look taller. At school everyone seems to be taller than me and I'll do anything to make myself look taller. It was also super hot and I'm not even sure why I'm wearing pants and a sweater. I guess the heat got to me. :P

Friday, February 4

Teen Vogue

Yesterday I got my new Teen Vogue in the mail! I was so happy since I've just been rereading my old ones. Recently I've been seeing a lot of pictures from blogs and they're wearing cropped tops. Not the ones that show your whole stomach. But the ones that just are right where you waistline is. It adds a nice feminine look to your outfit without having to wear something low cut. In this picture I'm wearing a cropped top from a thrift store, black skinny jeans from H&M, and Converse.

Tuesday, February 1

Hot? Cold?

 This photo I took, was from a couple days ago. It was such a nice and shining day. But these past couples of days have been so cold and then today its hot again. The weather is like a person always changing the way they act.
The fog was in the sky today draping the sky, but then when I'm walking at school I see the bright sun in my face when I'm walking around. And I was wearing a heavy jacket with a long sleeve under the hot sun. I really wish I could know what the weather was but it's also good to wake up and be suprised by what the weather is.