Saturday, April 27

Peace Out Yo

Just silhouettes and thinking intensely about life too much. Ya know me. Off to finding new friends because the ones I thought were nice really aren't. Tough shit, Huh? Well I realized it's so much easier just not to think about them and it leaves room for me to think about SAT's, final essay, and art more. Goodbye you bee-yatches and hello new me

Saturday, April 20


It's the weekend! And I'm just at home... Quick outfit post because I need to clean my bathroom. And I recently got this awesome hat and will be wearing daily because my hair has grown long enough that I don't think I'll look like a boy with it on. Secret Worry of Mine: I look like a boy in hats.

 {Outfit:Hat-Daiso, Jacket-American Eagle, Shirt-Thrifted,Shorts-Macy's, Shoes-H&M}

Tuesday, April 16

New Obsession

Here is my one true dog walking all over my perfectly clean desk. That was a joke because as you can see it's all messy and I haven't sweeped or gotten rid of the dust in like forever. I'm into updating my blog everyday now... It's just a time to be all blah and say blah. And now I have a new girl crush! Before it was Alexa Chung but now my style/girl crush is Rachel Rutt! I must post pictures of her fashion if you don't know who she is.

 Cutie Pie

 My new mimi pouch
Roar! I think this is how people see me because I seem to scare off everybody I talk to(especially guys)

Monday, April 15

That's Bitchin

This weekend was so fun because I got to go thrifting once again! I also managed to turn in my essay a day early. That's freaking unbelievable coming from me. And right now I'm watching my fave movie 16 candles and will now be using the term "That's Bitchin" to refer to anything I think is cool. That's the second week in a row. Shall we see if I go thriftng again a 3rd time? I now have an Instagram so please FOLLOW me...

 $13 Free people overalls
 $1.99 Mullet T-shirt

 I was inspired to get this shirt by my favorite blogger CHRISTERIC

$8.99 BCBG Dress
Folksy Top and Skirt

Wednesday, April 10

Look at this Cute Pup

I feel like I'm walking aimlessly around school and for the first time not thinking about what other people are thinking. FYI I do that a lot which annoys me. So I am glad to becoming this oblivious new girl that I'm butterflying into. Hopefully the transformation will complete itself.

Here are some pictures of a creature that can show so much love for her family:

Saturday, April 6

Dude Really?

I will not name who but I really need to rant about this person on my blog. I will name he/she Bud. I name he/she Bud because I believe he/she can bud into someone who is happy and accepting of life. So Bud complains all day about what to do while all the while it won't make its own decision. All it has to do is voice its opinion and we can all talk things out. But no it just likes to stay clammed up and be on its iPhone all f*cking day long. Now Bud does have its perks and maybe its just me that can't point out the good qualities from the bad. What's needed from me right now is just to be oblivious and melt into the earth and be one with myself. Would I actually talk like this in real life. I wish I could, I'd have a lot more friends, man.

 {Outfit: Sweater-Forever21, Trousers-Thrifted, Platforms-UrbanOutfitters}

Friday, April 5

Thrift Download #1

New segment of my blog which will be called "Thrift Download". Pretty self explanatory  I tried to think of a unique name to call my thrifted purchases. Today I spent the day sleeping in till 12 because I went to the ER yesterday due to major dehydration. But today was fun because I got to go thrifting with my Mum. 

 I am suddenly on the lookout for striped trousers because of my new favorite blog The Time is Grey

 Hidden button holes

Must DIY this

Tuesday, April 2

Choices and Decisions

Picking classes that I want to have next year has never been more stressful. Either I do this or I do that... It's hard to pick a in between and satisfy all college required classes. Is it better to satisfy what I want to do or do what I have to do to get into college. In the meantime I have let crocheting take over me and I ca't stop. Don't try to stop me!

 {Hat I crocheted}
 {Terrariums my Mom made}
 {Outfit: Dress + Sweater + Shoes=Vintage}

Monday, April 1

Fluffy Pillow

Spring break is here and I am in the middle of it. I realize in life the best times are when I don't have to worry about anything and I'm just watching movies those are those times I am one with life because my mind is just blank. Or I am losing millions of brain cells from constant movie watching on Netflix. I got this really cute dress and backpack from Crossroads!
 {Outfit: Sweater and skirt-thrifted, t shirt- France}

Shoe rack and corner. I have so many black shoes...