Monday, December 24

Cookies for Santa

 bûche de Noël
 { Outfit: sweater - thrifted, shirt - lovely handmade, jeans - forever 21 }
* Look at my socks they're so dirty

Hello! I am back from a very long pause and you can blame it on school. Since it is winter break I won't even dare mention that word again. It feels so good to be back and talking to no one and just going on and on about nonsense. I want to do a contest involving a prize be something I made? But who knows? That's kind of being a little in the bribing category since you'd have to follow my blog to be qualified for the contest. and...

Friday, August 24

Flower Headband

 {Outfit: boots and sweater - vintage, pants - h&m, shirt - vendor from the bizarre bazaar}

I made my very first flower headband! It was really fun to make. I don't have that many fake flowers so i need to stock up on some more. I don't know if you guys remember me mentioning a club back last year. But the wheels are in motion for that. I need to make the poster to advertise. so many things to do!

Wednesday, August 22

Pony in the Sky

 {Outfit: jeans - forever 21, scarf - h&m, horse and raincoat - vintage, tyedye shirt - selfmade}

Let's see if you can notice here... my hair is long! I know who I want to be for halloween, Velma from scooby doo. Since I have short hair now and her clothes that she wears are pretty easy to find hopefully I thought it'd be perfect.What r u guys thinking about being? Last post was so thoughtful from sabo skirt girl. She was so nice and said that I just need to keep going and be MYSELF. I need to stop complaining I have to say sorry to all of you. This isn't a place to be sad, but a place to speak about the great things in life.

Tuesday, August 14

Leaving my SAntuary

 I am seriously down right now. School is starting right when I come back from hawaii, like the next day. I'm also sad that I feel like no one looks at this blog. But that's just something I need to get over and stop trying to think "the grass is greener on the other side". Because it's not I just have to look down and notice it's been green for a while.
On a brighter note, I've been surfing my heart out and took some videos I will be posting the video very soon. And I met cool people while surfing too. So shout out to them!

{ Outfit: skirt n jacket - vintage, shirt - h&m, tights - hand me down }

Tuesday, August 7

Currently in Hawaii

 I just wanted to show you guys my workspace and where I make all my little creations. If I were a mom you'd think I'd be talking about where I make all my children. WeIrD, anyways I realize even if not that many people look at this blog it's a place for me to be myself and do whatever I want to do and write about. So here it is.

 {Outfit: Kimono- h&m, tanktop - garage sale, necklace - selfmade, jeans - forever 21}

Yes I drew that picture behind me, yes I know my eyes are closed, and yes hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of Hawaii

Tuesday, July 31

Pajama Pants

 {Outfit: vest - free people, pj pants - vintage, shoes - converse}

 { Handmade necklace by moi}

 {New clothes from H&M and Nike Store in sf}

I realize I havent done an actual outfit post in such a long time. But I'm starting to feel all selfish always talking about myself. So we'll see. Watching the olympics and trying not to think about how close school is. AHHHHH! and going to Hawaii soon. Yay surfing!

Monday, July 23

Can't Get Enough of LA

 Iron man, captain america, avengers, the list goes on
 He's the best
 I have the same size feet as Kristan Stewart!
 French Dip from famous Phillipe's. Not the best I must say.
 Biting picture

 From this cool crepe place near my hotel called Crepe Express. A must go.

The La Brea Tar Pits... to be continued

P.S. I currently want a baseball cap. Not one that franchises baseball or a college football team. Know anywhere to get one?

Monday, July 16


 I recently needed something to watch. And guess what I've been watching since now... Awkward! I love that show but that's a different blog post. I am now loving World of Jenks. He inspires me, and I recently have been wondering what I want to do for collage and film documentary really interests me. So this is the perfect show. One of my favorite
ones is about VV Brown. She was saying in the show how hard it was being dropped by her record label in the US and then she still came back after the disappointment. How can you have that much courage? I really admire that in people. I have no self courage or even enough confidence to do that. Being totally knocked down but then coming back and standing even taller than you
ever can. Thanks World of Jenks for making me realize that there's so much to see in the world that I still have to look forward to see and explore.
(photos via yahoo)
P.S. I think I may start doing my posts like this. what do you think? 

Tuesday, July 10

Friendz Who Do Back Bendz

 There's my friend in the reflection

 On the carousal made us feel like little kids again!
We all met in San Diego for my friend.
 Me want pepsi!
 Fail attempt

 Fancy flower cake(hey look I said flower cake)

When I went to LA we met up with family friends in San Diego for my friends family. It was a real bonding time and just having fun and accepting the world how it is and what certain circumstances come to. I am so happy to see my friend and how strong she is and is still the happy, talkative, and spunky friend she is. I dedicate this post to her and her family.