Sunday, January 29

Plaid does that remind you of lumber jacks?

{ Outfit: plaid and pullover - vintage, jeans forever 21, combat boots - urban outfitters, sunglasses - h&m }

Today is the day I need to realize something. What is that something? I don't know. Here's an outfit that I would say is so skater meets.... well maybe just skater inspired. These combat boots are a bit big but I love them. If only I could actually skate. Hmmm... It's so cold here In San Francisco.

Wednesday, January 25

Winter Break Can You Come Back

 { Outfit: tanktop and peach cardigan - vintage, doily butt pocket shorts - ross }

Here's a photo from my winter in Hawaii. Oh gosh how i miss being there surfing... even though i scrapped my hip on reef. Now all i do is sit in boring classrooms and do nothing. I hope all of  you are having more fun <3

Friday, January 20

Pouring rain on my plate of weekend

 { Outfit : jacket and long sleeve-old navy, tights and skirt- vintage, oxfords-h&m }

 this is what winter does to flowers

I didnt really go anywhere in this outfit. But I am really in love with this vintage zipper skirt that i found. Anyways its the weekend! And I have a clothes swap tomorrow so excited, free clothes! School is a bore as usual. Recently I joined Track and Field. So I may be posting every once and a while. Do I look like a sporty person? Haha Have a nice weekend everyone <3

Wednesday, January 11

Clothes Swapping = Free Clothes!

 Nice layout I'd have to say :P
 Woah look at THOSE bags
 These pants are awesome and so comfy. One of the many things I found.

 Humungo pile of clothes!
 Oooo look at that marvelous suit!

 Are you lost Lucy??
 Tryin on clothes...
 Lookin at all the clothes...

No more clothes

All I have to say , if you get all the way down here, is clothes swaps are so fun! You get to get free clothes and get to hang out with all your friends. Go start planning yours!

Friday, January 6

Thrity Finds for a Vintage Me

 { Sorry its sideways }

 { Detail. I love the print of the collar }

{ So mod... 60's?? }

Whoever said you had to spend 1,000's of dollars on marvelous clothes??? And I am currently writing a short story in my composition book. We'll see if I'll ever post it on my blog for everyone to see. Still need to download my outfit post.

Tuesday, January 3

Fresh Fruit for the New Year

 { Revamped a jacket. I was very inspired my my favorite blog... Christeric. Love her style <3 }

 { Look at this orange in my garden }

2012!!! how awesome is it to start a new year. fresh beginnings... how many times have you heard that?? Still in Hawaii and trying to finish my drivers ed so i can finally drive. Because that was on of the many things on my new years resolutions. Leave some of yours in the comments below. An outfit post is coming soon. toodles!