Friday, September 23

Pumped Up Kicks

 Ok first of all i just love love love this song. If anyone knows how to post songs up please leave a comment below. Thanks. These shoes are from H&M in hawaii but i'm pretty sure you'd be able to find them at any. Am i right or am i right? They look like a man shoe but the shininess of it just makes it soo feminine. I'm trying to wear it with casual things so it'll look more chill than dressed up. For anyone who is in school you know how presentations can be. Those horrible presentations when you just assume the worst will happen. Ahh! i have to do one on Monday!

Thursday, September 15

And for the last course dessert!

 { I'm Hugging an egg custard tart yummy}

Here are the last of my photos from Hong Kong. Outfit post coming to theaters soon. 

 { In hong kong its very common to have high tea in the afternoon. It was so delectible haha i've never used that word and dont even know how to spell it. But the food isnt usually this fancy we just happened to stop by this ... well not really}
{ My first banana split ever. I know i suck i havent ever had a banana split in my whole teenage life. My auntie said the bananas will only go down hill from here. This one was like heaven. }

Friday, September 9

More Pixels

When u think about it there are tons and tons of pixels on the web. There must be a bujillian. i just had to mention that to all of you. Here are some more photos. Enjoi!

Look at what's in my bag! I love that Japanese mag that you see in the back it's the best for fashion inspiration. Second to blogs.

I love love love the back to this shirt

It's a party bus! :P

I'm a princess... it's a princess bridge so fairytale-like

Silly me

Friday, September 2

Sharing is Caring

 Look at me walk down the runway!
 It was so hot. Behind me are the street vendors where i saw these tin can toys that moved around like there were mice inside of it soo weird
 HEHE my model picture i didnt even know my mom took this pic. And I got my ears pierced as you can see
 Tokidoki! there was this sort of exhibit thing at this mall. Everything was soo cute. As you can see this figurine was huge.
 Cute Little Pony the designer even signed it on its behind
This was located outside with other cute things to look at.