Tuesday, November 19

Video Spread on top of Toasted Homework

I felt like complaining to the internet once again today, but I don't want to think of all the negative things again. I'll listen to the devotion I learned about yesterday and simply thank God for all that he has done for me. Instead of pitying myself for selfish things. So here's some images and they make me happy because they remind me of how I'm getting much better with my fancy camera through all the practice I've been doing over the weekends.

Friday, November 8

Bags Under There

Typing this right now because I'd like to give a shout out to my non existent readers! I'm not sure why I'm updating my blog at such a late hour. If anyone is in the Bay Area and looking for a photographer for a photo shoot or an event, I'd be happy to do it for FREE. Just for the experience. If so email me at constantthoughtsmlee@gmail.com. I'm really finding a love for my camera with every new button I learn how to operate on it. With learning each new letter like on the keyboard I wanna learn more and more about photography. Toodles before the bags under my eyes get darker. Each photo represents my life right now. A sleepy, gluten free, open minded teenage girl. All photos taken by me: my new branding name could possibly be Welcome to my BRAIN.