Thursday, July 21

School Spirit

 { Outfit: My very own el camino sweatshirt, jeans - forever 21, shoes - vans }

{ Look at these cutie pups outside if my parents hardware store.
This picture was taken by my mum using her iPhone, look at what technology can do these days. }

Right now i'm watching I Love Lucy. Its such a funny old show. Also I'm in Hawaii, its so fun and my friends are here too from California. It's so fun getting to hang out with my friends and get to go surfing with them. Ahh sadly schools starting soon. So sad and i still need to finish my summer reading. But for the moment we should all just bask in the moment of summer and have FUN!

Monday, July 11

LA and Shopping

{ Last day at the hotel }

 Sorry i haven't posted in awhile. I've just been at home and having fun at my tennis conditionings, cause that's the only time I've actually seen my friends this whole entire summer. Here are some photos from my trip to LA. All the photos that I took from Disneyland are on my iPhone (which i use just as an iPod) and i am too lazy to upload those on to the computer. Mainly these photos were from the last day when we were driving back and were looking for a place to eat and we stumbled upon this cool Mexican street. There was tons of food and shopping! It was really nice but I felt like a zombie cause it was so hot.

 { Shadow... Boo! }

 { This drink was called Orange Bang. That's a pretty intimidating name, so I had to try it. I give it a thumbs up }

 { Yum! Food! }

 { These shoes are so cute I even bought a pair myself and it was only $26 }

 { Look at that tiny dog you could fit it into a taco shell! }

 { Next day when we came back, SO TIRED }

 { I would have to say this is a pretty awesome t - shirt, right? }

 { Thrift store treasures... the best }

 { From the Mexican street which i don't know the name of, sorry }

{ Forever 21 finds from the Grove }