Thursday, March 17

Special Effects

 {outfit: jeans - forever21, utility jacket - banana republic, button up shirt - thrift store}
{ My inspiration for when I'm drawing}
I call this blog post special effects because the picture that I took of myself looks different and weird in an odd way. Or it could look like I should of turned off the flash on my camera. Anyways I love the pictures that I tore out from my old teen vogue magazines. They've just been sitting around my room, so I thought why not tear out some that I could get inspiration from. Well I hope they'll inspire you as well :)


  1. You look gorgeous, and those inspirations are truly... Inspirational!

    Love love LOVE your blog! Follow each other? :)

  2. Cute! I love Teenvogue too! I buy it every month and it's the only magazine I subscribe to! xoxoxoo

  3. Thanks for commenting. I really like to hear what other people think. I'll be sure to follow your blog too.


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