Thursday, July 21

School Spirit

 { Outfit: My very own el camino sweatshirt, jeans - forever 21, shoes - vans }

{ Look at these cutie pups outside if my parents hardware store.
This picture was taken by my mum using her iPhone, look at what technology can do these days. }

Right now i'm watching I Love Lucy. Its such a funny old show. Also I'm in Hawaii, its so fun and my friends are here too from California. It's so fun getting to hang out with my friends and get to go surfing with them. Ahh sadly schools starting soon. So sad and i still need to finish my summer reading. But for the moment we should all just bask in the moment of summer and have FUN!


  1. aww thanks! its a chilling out kind of look. everyone has their, own i bet.

  2. Jolies photos!

    Angela Donava

  3. awh love these images! such a comfy look :) super cute dogs!


  4. love the outfit and photo of the dogs! so cute.
    and you surf? amazing, I love it, try to do it as much as possible but hard to when i live in a city haha.

    The Trend Palette

  5. Thanks you guys so much for the comments. And yes I do surf it's really fun even though I get wiped out half the time haha


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