Sunday, November 20

Breaking Dawn!

 { Outfit : coat - sports basement in sf, twilight t - hot topic, dress & shoes - vintage, tights and fluffy socks - ??? }

{ My camera, my friend haha }

ok so today i watched breaking dawn and it was AWESOME. yes capitals to emphasize how good it was. i know i'm wearing a twilight shirt but still that's showing my spirit for the twilight saga. that reminds me i need to put my taylor lautner posters back up since i moved. i've been thinking about making some tutorials. but idk. still needa think about that one. anyways... till next time


  1. aw, your cute (:i'm getting sort of interested about breaking dawn after hearing so many people rave about it.. i have read the book but only seen one movie, because it didn't really grab me. i really only like edward because he's in harry potter! but maybe i'll see it now (: just found your blog, it's great (: have a lovely day!
    taylah x

  2. hi thanks a bunch for coming to my blog! breaking dawn is a really fun movie to see. i hope u watch it! and its so cool that ur from australia and found my blog all the way from the u.s.

  3. J'aime tes photos!!! Superrr...bisous:)

    Angela Donava

  4. Les photos sont splendides!
    Super post!!!!!:)

  5. Hi! I found your blog and it’s gorgeous! I like your sense of style!!Nice photos!

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