Tuesday, January 3

Fresh Fruit for the New Year

 { Revamped a jacket. I was very inspired my my favorite blog... Christeric. Love her style <3 }

 { Look at this orange in my garden }

2012!!! how awesome is it to start a new year. fresh beginnings... how many times have you heard that?? Still in Hawaii and trying to finish my drivers ed so i can finally drive. Because that was on of the many things on my new years resolutions. Leave some of yours in the comments below. An outfit post is coming soon. toodles!


  1. That jacket looks really cool! I wish I could plant oranges in my garden!

  2. thaanks for coming back to read my blog. Feel free to Follow! so you can be the 20th follower :)

  3. yummmm
    I've been looking for a new blog to follow for
    ages and I think yours is it!
    This post is great and i'm going to have to
    go back through old posts now.

    I hope you can check mine out and maybe even follow



  4. Seriously I thought that orange was a pumpkin hahahaha XD Happy new year btw! :)



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