Monday, July 16


 I recently needed something to watch. And guess what I've been watching since now... Awkward! I love that show but that's a different blog post. I am now loving World of Jenks. He inspires me, and I recently have been wondering what I want to do for collage and film documentary really interests me. So this is the perfect show. One of my favorite
ones is about VV Brown. She was saying in the show how hard it was being dropped by her record label in the US and then she still came back after the disappointment. How can you have that much courage? I really admire that in people. I have no self courage or even enough confidence to do that. Being totally knocked down but then coming back and standing even taller than you
ever can. Thanks World of Jenks for making me realize that there's so much to see in the world that I still have to look forward to see and explore.
(photos via yahoo)
P.S. I think I may start doing my posts like this. what do you think? 

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  1. Documentary filming is definitively very interesting !
    xx íris


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