Tuesday, August 14

Leaving my SAntuary

 I am seriously down right now. School is starting right when I come back from hawaii, like the next day. I'm also sad that I feel like no one looks at this blog. But that's just something I need to get over and stop trying to think "the grass is greener on the other side". Because it's not I just have to look down and notice it's been green for a while.
On a brighter note, I've been surfing my heart out and took some videos I will be posting the video very soon. And I met cool people while surfing too. So shout out to them!

{ Outfit: skirt n jacket - vintage, shirt - h&m, tights - hand me down }


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  2. These are beautiful photos! You look great with your outfits.
    You don't need to feel down feeling that nobody looks at you blog. It may feel like that at the beginning but wait and see until you'll reach all bloggers out there. You just have to be yourself with your blog. Share your thoughts and feelings to us. :)

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