Saturday, April 6

Dude Really?

I will not name who but I really need to rant about this person on my blog. I will name he/she Bud. I name he/she Bud because I believe he/she can bud into someone who is happy and accepting of life. So Bud complains all day about what to do while all the while it won't make its own decision. All it has to do is voice its opinion and we can all talk things out. But no it just likes to stay clammed up and be on its iPhone all f*cking day long. Now Bud does have its perks and maybe its just me that can't point out the good qualities from the bad. What's needed from me right now is just to be oblivious and melt into the earth and be one with myself. Would I actually talk like this in real life. I wish I could, I'd have a lot more friends, man.

 {Outfit: Sweater-Forever21, Trousers-Thrifted, Platforms-UrbanOutfitters}

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