Wednesday, January 7

Today Is

I am going to start a blog that is an autobiography of my life. It won't just be of fashion posts, but will be inconsistent. In the way that I will post about beautiful quotes, random one-liners, what I have learned, and links to videos that I am making for healthy things and what nots. There may be fashion too but I am not sure. I have a few new years resolutions but I really did not see New Year's Eve as a big event. I mean it is just another second in time that is passing by just like any other day. Oddly unlike this blog I remember really wanting it to get popular, but my next blog I will not give a shit about because I know that the more people that don't read it the more honest I can be. I want to be anonymous but at the same time I'll want to post pictures. But there is a word in here that may give you a hint to the new blog title I am going to start. Here are my top 3 resolutions even though I should try for all of them equally:
  • Love Myself
  • No Expectations
  • Embrace Life
I really want to get into more detail about my life, but that is for my friends and my new blog to know about. But till then I will be updating this one like a diary.

Outfit post like old times
This is when I came back from new york and wanted to dress all monochrome and put together, it's not really me but sometimes I am feeling it. 
OUTFIT: sweater - h&m, dress - from a boutique in Hong Kong, shoes - thrift store

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