Wednesday, February 16

Catchy Songs

 During a show that shows at my highschool on Fridays I heard this song called All About Him. I really like the lyrics but I certainly will get tired of it over time. Another really catchy song I recently  heard was Lady Gaga's song Born This Way and it  just keeps replaying in my head. I just can't stop singing and dancing to her song. {outfit: vintage maroon sweater, tank top from a traveling boutique, and skinny jeans from forever 21}
This was my Valentine's Day outfit. I really wanted to wear a dress. But in SSF it's been rainy, cold and windy. So I had to just wear this blouse. Atleast it was cute and flowy. I love that it was on sale too at Old Navy. {outfit: old navy blouse, h&m skinny jeans}

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