Monday, June 27


 After a fun couple of weeks, i'm at home just resting. I just came back home from LA with my mom, dad, and dog. Yes... we brought our dog along with us on the trip. Not a good choice though. Just saying. It was quite hard to get around and go to places. I'll have pictures soon from the trip. For now here are pics that i've been wanting to post.
 Which is my dog???
 New shoes from Target. I got them as a end of the school year present. I haven't worn them out yet though
 Tomatoes grown from the garden in my backyard. They're tiny.
 I've had these for a while, but never realized to post a picture of the sunglasses i've always wanted... next pair to get, cateyes
 I love the heels on these shoes. They're just enough to make me feel taller but not too tall that i'll feel uncomfortable.
 I had this bag forever and i always thought it was ugly because it had an advertisement on it. So i thought of the idea to cover it with little felt pictures and here's the outcome!
Made this water bottle holder at camp. I learned how to make it from a book by the author Aranzi Aronzo, or it's the other way around :P


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