Wednesday, June 29

Blog Post #50

 {Outfit: black dress & eggshell espadrille pumps - nordstrom rack}

Project Runway!!!

Here is the picture that i promised sunch a long time ago. I'm sorry it took such a long time. I was sooo nervous when i was meeting him. I have other photos but i'm too lazy to download the other pictures. I even have their autographs too. Sorry... i'm just so happy i got to meet them. It was just really cool to see actual pieces that would be on an actual professional runway. So cool considering i want to be a fashion designer when i grow up.

This is also my 50th blog post! Yay! it's really fun blogging and expect more. I don't think i'll stop anytime soon. I'm also so happy i have 16 followers. I didnt think anyone would find out about my blog since i don't have designer labels and such. Anyways...ttys!


  1. Great blog- following you :)

  2. So cute! Lovely blog, dear. Definitely following you.

    xx - Lera

  3. So lovely!

    You've got a really cute blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?


  4. how fun! i'd love to meet the pr contestants!

  5. Great photo, it's very cool that you were able to meet them!
    Love your blog, keep posting and I'll surely be back!

    Hopefully you will come and scope out mine!
    The Internet Garbage


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