Tuesday, August 16

More Blurriness

 { Someone has a bedhead }
 { Outfit: summer hat - lucylove, tube top slash skirt, nordstrom rack, jogging short - oldnavy }
P.S. jogging shorts are my new favorite shorts to wear
 { Spam! I always say i don't want to eat it but i just can't say no }
{ Lani the friendly guinea pig on waikiki }

Sadly this is the final summer post for summer 2011. I start school tomorrow! NO i don't want to go. I can't believe I only posted twice this summer for you to see. I feel so bad it's because of my underwater (yeah right!) camera. Anyways what are your plans for style this school year? gtg finish up my essay i should have done earlier. See ya!


  1. cute puppy
    come visit COSMICaroline for a new outfit and a brand new psychedelic banner!


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  3. Such a cute puppy! Good luck with school! :D
    - K




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