Wednesday, August 31

Back from HK

 I'm back from Hong Kong as the title may tell you. Finally back at home and i hope i'll get back into the groove of things. Hong Kong was soo hot and i was a bit disappointed of the shopping. Everything there is soo expensive and i was really hoping to find some cheap finds but sadly only wen to one store that really had a sale. And the rest of the other clothes i bought were from h&m. Anyways sorry for lack of posts, i hardly have anytime. The only reason I'm posting this is because i can't sleep!!!
More pictures coming soon...


  1. Oh, that's too bad.. Shopping is always a big part of things when you travel to a new place. But how was everything else? Did you have a good time? Must be such cool architecture and stuff? :)
    Nice blog!

  2. Everything else was really fun we took a ferry to across the water to the other part of hk it's nice to see the culture there and how everything flows there is soo much architecture there it's good to go to hk only for a week though trust me


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