Saturday, May 19

I want to time travel back to the 70's

 Time Warp

 Tye DYE awesomeness

 Doc Martins that I got for free from a clothes swap!
via yahoo search

So today i just saw Dark Shadows. I don't usually talk about movies that i've seen because 1) this is a fashion blog and 2) i usually forget to. Dark Shadow help mystical darkness that everyone in the movie had a tiny psychological malfunction. It had a great story and I was so thankful that it wasn't based on a book like how everything is these days. But I would save it for DVD to watch, but i do LOVE johnny depp don't get me wrong. But there's this one or two scenes where they show this group of hippies and i just love there clothes. I want to dress like them! And just have that vibe in my life because I really just wanna let loose.

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