Thursday, May 10

Mope all the Way

 {Outfit: camo & crop shirt - thrift, jeans - forever 21, matsuda tiger (shoes) - nordstrom rack}

 Flower growing out of my belly button!

Is that a cat or a squirrel?

So recently at school I've been feeling like no one understands me. Is it my fault? Is it there fault? Can I just not accept my own self? I just feel like I don't have people that I can be myself with and that we both can just let loose and they understand me for who I am and don't call me weird, or just say oh ok, or have thoughtful conversations. But after I told my best friend this I feel like our friendship went to another level because she understood how i was feeling lately and we both realized that we really are BFFF's. It's just that I see everyone else at school and how they get along with everyone and I only have those few people who I can talk to and feel comfortable. Ahhhh.... I warned you guys I would be mopey.

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