Thursday, March 29

Music to my Ears

 working on this still
 wrapped this in fabric... good diy

SOOOO today i went to the library to bet some books for my plane ride. To where you may ask? I'll say that at the end. But anyways I got some awesome cds that I can now listen to on my computer including phoenix and passion pit and this one lady. Their cd collection is so awesome because you can just go and look through all the variety that they have. I am such a nerd for loving the library. But I really do recommend going there. SOOOOO...
I know!!! I will for sure post every single pic i take there and the fashion there of course. So obviously i will be M.I.A. for a week. In that case...
 {from yahoo search }
I never listened to her music except for this one music video. but I thought it fit what i was talking about.


  1. aw cute outfit and post

    hope you'll visit back

  2. oh dear I'm so excited for you!!!!
    I'm going to london this summer and I CANT WAIT
    also I look forward to your posts<3

  3. hmmm. how do you like the music so far? phoenix is my favorite band.


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