Wednesday, March 7

Tiger sweatshirt or Horse sweatshirt?

 { Outfit: coat and vest - vintageo, pants and longsleeve - forever 21 }

What do you guys think? I really want one or the other or may be even both? Today I had a debate in my head. Should I go and watch Top Model or just aimlessly look at fashion blogs? Guess what I chose... to aimlessly look at all the wonderfullness the fashion world has to bring but I can not touch. I really love color now. Before I would be, " How could you wear that floral print with those neon plant print pants?" Now i'm like, " OMG I want that!" And then I start drawing it in my sketch book using my colorfull pens and making my own patterns. Gosh I'm making alot of my own words today. I should post some of my sketches... one day.

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