Monday, March 19

Coasting on the Best of California

 {Outfit: plaid purple and gray t underneath- vintage, jeans - gap}

 Pretty - ful Flower

Listen to Maddiedigsthis!!!

My new favorite band is Best Coast. I read an article about Drew Berrymore in Instyle last month and then she said that she directed a a music video for Best Coast. Then I suddenly started listening to this group and didnt realize it was the same band. An now I listen to them 24/7! You must listen. And the girl above sang a cover of their song called Our Deal. She has an awesome voice too. Listen to them both.

If anyone knows of any concerts let me know!
-image found on yahoo search-


  1. cute!!!

  2. you look totally fabulous! we madly love your purple top!


  3. I just went to a BEST COAST CONCERT!!!! I wrote a post on them a few pages back that you might like checking out :) great post!


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