Monday, July 15

Staying in the Middle

I'm fine with not having an opinion from time to time. This recent hooplah about Zimmerman v. Trayvon has taught me that no one will have the exact story. So due to that I will not have a final opinion about who I think is right or wrong. But I do have to say both sides of the party will have racist acts towards them and I hope that nothing worse will come. I've done enough research about this and I really don't want to have an opinion about the situation. For some reason I spent like 2 days researching what exactly happened and who attacked who first. But in the end my head hurt too much and I stopped researching. Because if I surround myself with all the negativity in the world then I will become negative. That is something I am working on. It is my CHOICE to be negative and gray or I can be hopeful and live in the moment. I will always remember that old turtle sensei from Kung Fu Panda with that really awesome quote about how "the present is a present." 

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