Monday, July 22

Drama Queen Status

 Me and a drag queen?


 More friends <3

 Old friend acting like a b*tch

I realize I am not alone in life. I feel that people who say they are alone in the world are just selfish, like me. I used to say this all the time to myself. Like everyday of my life I pitied myself for not having friends and realizing that I spend a lot of my free time with parents. But that's me just being a little selfish teen moaning and groaning about how my life is not filled with excitement and friends. But I can't say I have overcome feeling like that. But now I realize that I am not alone and I appreciate those friends who are there for me and I shouldn't push them away just because we don't agree or they're not talking about what I want them to talk about. In the words from a loved one, " you should learn to be more tactful."

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